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A Letter from the Owner...

    Another growing season has happened and we will try and reap our rewards from it in the next few months. I hope that you had a very good season as it looks like the markets will not help us out much unless you have taken advantage of forward pricing on at least some of your crop yields. As we think about our cropping season for next year and what changes we will be making, try and concentrate on having your crops started off on the right pathway. Let's get them planted correctly to set the foundation for a very successful season next year.

   As we talked last year, we have added some new and unique corn hybrids and their respective traits that we feel can add value to your farming operation. Caverndale Farms Brand Seed feels that we can add value to your farm as an independent seed company because we focus on products that work in your farming area. Give us a chance to sit down and talk to you about what hybrids will best fit your fanning application and give you the best chance to be profitable.

  The picture is less clear on soybeans because of different new traits not being approved globally in order to have an adequate supply. Several new traits are waiting on this approval from foreign market compliance in order to be offered for sale to you. Soybean offerings for this year will be conventional, HT-GLY, Liberty® and Roundup Ready 2® soybeans along with the new LLGT271M soybeans. This new trait that we are bringing forward is the LLGT27™ soybean that can be both sprayed with glyphosate and glufosinate. These will be in limited supply so you will want to book early for these.

  Contact us with any questions to help you in your fanning operation and "Thanks so much" for your support as a Caverndale Farms Brand Seed customer. 


Clyde Jackson - President

Caverndale Farms Brand Seeds


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