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About Caverndale Farms Brand Seeds

   The story of Caverndale Farms Brand Seeds started in 1938 with Mr. Will Roger, he was the first man to start producing hybrid seed corn on the farm. Later in 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jackson purchased the farm and seed company from Mr. Rogers, and continued producing hybrid seed corn. In 1965 Caverndale Farms entered into an agreement with Golden Acres to be a producer and distributer under their name. Seed produced at this time was distributed through out the eastern United States. During this time Mr. Jackson  also contracted to grow hybrids for other major and regional seed companies. After going through 5 sales under the Golden Acres Seed Comapny name, Mr. Jackson begain a new chapter he decided to brand back out on his own. In 1987 Caverndale Farms Brand Seed was branded for the first time. Mr. Jackson produced and sold seed commercially from that point on. Mr. Jackson offered a full line of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghum, wheat, and field seed. His hybrids being sold and planted in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. 


   Three generations later the farm and seed comapny is still operated and mantained by Mr. Jackson and his family. Many things have changed in the world over the past three generations, but one thing has remained the same; Caverndale Farms Brand Seeds stands behind their product and their motto:


Quality seed, Family-Owned, One Farm One Bag at a time.
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