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Caverndale Farms Brand Seeds is an independent family owned seed company located in Danville, Kentucky devoted to focusing on hybrids and varieties that work in the Mid-South growing area. By being independent it gives us choices of all technologies and genetics that we can offer to our customers, so that you can profit on your farm. We are able to move to new seed selections, because of our locale and size, to improve production on your fields. Our farming operation/testing program has allowed us to grow these newer hybrids and varieties in an actual field situation to know the advantages and disadvantages of each specific one before we offer them to our customers.

This has allowed us to get these new hybrids, varieties, and traits to the marketplace before other companies have done so. Our corn and soybean lineup for the 2013 is one of the most diverse and complete offerings that you will find on the market today. Our location has a distinct advantage in that we are only concentrating on varieties that work in our area and that is Kentucky and the surrounding states. We don’t bring hybrids that work in the Corn Belt and try to make them fit in our area. Caverndale Farms only brings the ones that are tested and proven to work here. Contact us if you have any questions about our operation and “Thanks” for your continued support as a Caverndale Farms Brand Seed customer.

Clyde Jackson - President
Caverndale Farms Brand Seeds

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